Start Your Commission

Aquiring a Hunziker BRM Art Watch starts with a consultation with the artist, and correspondence can be conducted via phone, email or in person. Parameters such as inspiration and artwork for the painted dial, color specifications, and accompanying watch design may be discussed.

Next, the artist will develop sketches based on the client’s preferences. Once the owner reviews and approves the concept, the dial will be painted by hand and sent to BRM for final assembly. Below, you'll find the sequence of the typical commission process:


  • Initial consultation with Nicolas Hunziker to define parameters including artwork, colors, and watch specifications
  • Commissioning owner is presented with a Build Sheet and Pricing Estimate
  • A 10 percent deposit initiates the design phase and resulting sketches of the bespoke watch
  • Client receives sketches of the customized dial and watch
  • Following review and approval of the final design, client submits a 50 percent deposit to initiate production  
  • While the dial is being painted by the artist in his California studio, BRM readies and manufactures the timepiece components
  • The hand-painted dial is shipped to BRM’s factory in France where final assembly takes place
  • Upon shipping, client remits remaining 40 percent of the balance due
  • Finished watch is delivered to commissioning client


The watchmaking process typically takes 90 days from start to finish. To begin commissioning your own Hunziker BRM Art watch, please use the contact link or email the artist directly at