Build Your Watch

The Hunziker BRM Art Watch collection is exclusively bespoke and production is limited to only 20 watches per year. Every one-of-a-kind timepiece is designed around a hand-painted dial, often considered the “canvas,” and set within a unique BRM model, which serves as the “frame.”  

Giving owners the opportunity to commission the artwork featured on their original dial, each watch is fully individualized, and clients can customize each BRM model to their specifications, selecting their preferred metals and colors.

Many owners opt to match the composition of their timepiece to the subject matter chosen for the dial. For example, a dial depicting a favorite vintage sports car would pair well with the lightweight components of the R/Superleggera model, while a dial bearing a luxury supercar would be well suited to the rose gold Luxe model.

Review the diverse range of unique models detailed below to begin building your custom timepiece. And remember, no matter which machine you select, your watch will be an entirely authentic, “one-of-one” creation.