Q: What is a Hunziker BRM Art Watch?

A: The world’s first fine art chronograph, created through a bespoke collaboration between BRM Chronographes and professional automotive fine artist Nicolas Hunziker.


Q: What types of timepieces are available?

A: The Hunziker BRM Art Watch collection is available exclusively by commission. Every one-of-a-kind timepiece is designed around a hand-painted dial, often considered the “canvas,” and set within a unique BRM model, which serves as the “frame.”  


Q: What makes the collection entirely unique?

A: Giving owners the opportunity to commission the artwork featured on their original dial, each watch is fully individualized, and like a Hunziker painting commission, clients can customize each timepiece to their specifications, selecting their preferred metals and colors.


Q: Are the watches released in limited edition?  

A: This collection is beyond limited, as each watch is completely original and unique to its owner. Every BRM Hunziker Art Watch is one-of-a-kind, and only 20 timepieces are available annually.   


Q: Will the artist paint the same dial more than once?

A: No. As with his original paintings, the artist will never produce the same composition more than once.

Q: I recently saw a BRM Hunziker Art Watch, and I’d like to commission an identical timepiece; is that possible?  

A: No, but Hunziker and BRM are happy to work with you to create your own unique timepiece. As mentioned above, the artist will never produce the same composition more than once; however, it is possible to commission a watch with similar – but not identical – subject matter through subtle but significant shifts in artwork and design.


Q: Where are the timepieces produced?

A: Like all BRM products, the collection is manufactured in France utilizing Swiss movements, modified in house.  The custom dials are hand painted at the artist’s studio in California, and once completed, the dials shipped to BRM’s factory outside of Paris, where final assembly takes place.


Q: Where does the final inspection process take place?

A: BRM conducts the final inspection on all timepieces, and each watch carries a full, three-year BRM warranty.


Q: What custom options and specifications are available?

A: You may customize nearly every element of a Hunziker BRM Art Watch, because every timepiece in the collection is hand-painted and hand-crafted to reflect the commissioning owner’s unique tastes and preferences. Clients may specify case materials (stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, rose gold, etc.), case size, coating (traditional and custom PVD), case color, hand color, crown color, band choices (custom-dyed leather, exotic leathers incl. stingray, alligator, etc.; tech fabrics, etc.), and more.


Q: Will the artist help guide me through the design process?

A: Yes. Like any Hunziker painting commission, the process is  very much a meaningful collaboration between client and artist.


Q: Can any design or artwork be specified for the hand-painted dial?

A: Within reason, yes. There are some subject matters that may not be available due to licensing restrictions; please consult with the artist directly to address specific questions regarding viable creative concepts.


Q: What is on the back of the watch?

A: The watch features a crystal sapphire porthole that is laser engraved with the name of the watch and customer’s name; for example, “Manufactured for [insert your name here]


Q: How do I commission and order my timepiece?

A: Please use the START YOUR COMMISSION link to obtain your own Hunziker BRM Art Watch.


Q: How long does delivery take?

A: The watchmaking process typically takes 90 days from start to finish; a 10 percent deposit is required to initiate the design/sketch phase, and an additional 50 percent deposit is necessary to initiate production.


Q: Since it’s so small, how do you paint the dial, and what kind of tools do you use?  

A: Artist Hunziker uses a Trinocular Microscope and modifies his own brushes to make them small enough to work on the dial surface; after the modification process, the brushes only have three filaments remaining.


Q: How long does it take to paint a dial?

A: It takes approximately 7 to 10 days to paint a dial from beginning to end, and the key challenge is creating artwork on a surface that provides literally no room for errors. Even the slightest mistake may necessitate a complete redo; imagine making a mistake on the tenth day of production, losing all the artwork, and having to strip the dial to brass again to start over!


Q: Where is the Hunziker studio, and is it possible to plan a visit?

A: The artist’s studio is located in the South Bay of Los Angeles. Currently it is not open to the public, but you may be able to obtain a personal tour by appointment. Please use the contact link for more information.